Save Energy and Reduce Your Power Bill

Sikom Living is a smart home solution that helps you save energy without lowering your comfort. It connects multiple electrical devices in your home through your smartphone, providing  a user-friendly interface for total control.

Sikom Living

Lowering the temperature in your home when you are not present saves energy, which consequently lowers your power bill.

Remembering to lower the temperature each time you leave your home can be difficult or tedious. This is where Sikom Living can help you. Sikom Living provides you with the tools you need to control the electrical heating in your home. You decide yourself whether this should be entirely manual, automatic, or a mix of the two.

Take control of the underfloor heating

Underfloor heating with electric heating cables or heating foil has many advantages as a heat source. A warm floor is a large heat source with low temperature and even heat distribution. This provides a good and comfortable indoor environment. Electric floor heating is invisible and occupies no wall space. The heat is distributed evenly in the room and provides a comfort that needs to be experienced. 

Eco Thermostat EP is perfect for controlling heating cables or heat foil at your home. In the Sikom Living app, we have given you full control of all settings on the thermostat so you can easily set it up at your own discretion.

The weekly program has added the app to make it easier to set up and the temperature is automatically adjusted up and down compared to when at home or away.

Electrical panel heaters

Electrical panel heaters can be found in homes around the world. They provide a very good warmth and are available in different sizes and effects to cover the need for heat in many rooms. We have made smart plug-in modules for three major manufacturers of panel heaters that covers four brands of electrical heaters.

The best way of controlling a electrical heater is by using a custom made plug-in module. We have custom made plug-in modules for three different brands of electrical panel heaters, all of them are high quality manufacturers of electrical heating.

What is your most valuable possession?

Many people answer this question with their family and we can not agree more. Eco Smoke Detector is an important safety product at your home. This is an optical detector for smoke and fire detection that only has one important task; to save lives.

If one alerts, they all alerts for the best possible safety. In addition, you will be notified through the Sikom Living app on your mobile.

The detector is always on as long as it has connected battery or connected power. When the battery voltage is low, you will be notified.

The fire detector can be operated both with 9Vdc battery and with connection to the 230Vac grid to satisfy the authorities’ requirements for fire detection.

The detector is approved according to European Standard for smoke detectors, EN14604. Although battery life is over 1 year, we recommend replacing batteries every year for your own safety. 

Protect your home from unwanted guests

Eco Motion Detector ensures your values and notify if you were to have uninvited guests. It’s a wireless motion detector that does not protrude in a home.

We have chosen to fit the electrical frame system RS-16 so that it can become part of the ordinary electrical installation. This provides more choice when it comes to both assembly and coverage.

It can also be mounted flat on the wall or ceilings if desired. It only builds 33mm out of the wall. Both sensitivity and range are adjustable. With triggered alarm, you will be notified in the app.

Activation and deactivation takes place through the Sikom Living app.

The detector is powered by 2 AAA batteries and these have more than 2 years lifetime. You will be notified through the app at low battery level.

Monitor the Temperature

Eco Temperature Sensor gives you added security when monitoring temperature in your home. We have chosen to fit the electrical frame system RS-16 so that it can become part of the ordinary electrical installation.

It can also be used for low temperature warning. Which temperature you want to be notified by, you decide yourself and you easily put this into the app.

Sikom Energy Management

Eco Energy Controller is the key to being able to control and reduce power peaks in your power consumption. It is mounted in the fuse cabinet and connected to the AMS meter.

It is the link between the new flow meters and Sikom Energy Managment in the Sikom Living app. Real-time data on power consumption is fed into the system and can then be used to disconnect power sources such as water heater, heating cables and electric car chargers to avoid peak power consumption.

All our Eco Series products can be part of Sikom Energy Management. In the app, you will also be able to see your power usage.

The Eco Energy Controller can be connected to the HAN output on the meters from Kamstrup, Aidon, Kaifa and Landis + Gyr.

Control and Dim Your Lights

Eco Dimmer EP is designed for dimming of 24V LED lighting. LED light gives you the opportunity to be creative when lighting a room, and with our new LED dimmer, the control of the light is easy to play!

The dimmer is simple and intuitive to operate, and with modern epic technology, the display is comfortable to look at, avoiding a disturbing element in the room.

The current light level can always be read on the dimmer and you dim the light up and down by pressing the (+) and (-) key on the dimmer. In addition, you can switch between 4 preset light levels.

Because different LED lights often illuminate with different strengths, you can insert the light source’s profile into the dimmer so that you get a steady and natural dimming of the light. With the Sikom Living app, you can easily control each dimmer or multiple groups of dimmers.

The connection to your smartphone