Energy Management

Energy Management

How and what we pay for electricity is changing and the introduction of the new smart AMS meters in all cabins and houses is the key to leveling out the peaks of our consumption.

Our power consumption is comparable to the rush traffic in and out of the big cities. We use a lot of power at the same time and therefore we get power peaks.

Through Sikom Energy Management, we can reduce peaks in the energy consumption in your home without compromising your need for comfort. By constantly monitoring the use of electricity in your home, Sikom Energy Management will be able to disconnect invisible effects when consumption increases, for example when turning on the induction top or when the electric car is charging.

Hot water tanks, heating cables and panel heaters are examples of such invisible effects and they can be switched off for short periods of time without compromising perceived comfort.

And then you do not have to pay for unnecessary power peaks.

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