We enable app control for leading equipment suppliers

Consumers expect more and more functions in physical products to be available wherever they are – popularly named “internet of things”. For a manufacturer or vendor of such products it takes a lot of new skillsets and focus to establish and operate such software solutions over time. Our solution makes this easy.

Based on our unique cloud-based software and our own hardware, we customize fully integrated solutions for remote control and monitoring of your products from an iPhone or Android smartphone. All applications run in our cloud, and we also provide end-user annual or monthly billing where relevant. Our system architecture and API enables easy integration under your own brand. Outsourcing remote control to us saves you a lot of costs and hassle, and enables you to focus on your core business.

Our solution is based on our GSM or LAN connected central units. They are continuously communicating with our cloud and make sure the information is up to date when logging into your smartphone application. Your product can be wired or wirelessly connected to our central units using different integration techniques on a case-to-case basis.

With many years of experience from the electronics business, we have developed strong competences within software and hardware development. For that reason, many large companies have chosen Sikom Connect to connect their products. We can help you get your products online, and at the same time offer your customers user friendliness and control.

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We have already connected several companies

We provide app control for the Glamox 3001 series of panel heaters. With optional saving and comfort temperature between 5 and 40 degrees, it allows you to customize the heat for your needs.

In the Sikom Living app, we have given you full control of all settings on the plug-in module so you can easily set it up as desired. Several ovens can of course be grouped in the app so you get a common switch for ovens in the same room.

It can also be used for low temperature warning. Which temperature you want to be notified by, you decide yourself and you easily set this in the app.

In the Sikom Living app you also get the actual temperature in the room displayed.

We provide app control for all BEHA electrical panel heaters of type P, PG, L and LG manufactured since August 2005. It is plugged straight into the oven and allows you to remotely control between:

Comfort, night time saving, frost protection and off.

App control for Thermia Aura heat pumps

We provide app control for the Thermia Aura heat pumps by applying a GSM ECO Controller and a wireless unit mounted in the heat pumps. The solution can also be combined and integrated with other wireless Sikom products.

With this partnership, we have created a uniquely integrated solution where you can manage all your heating appliances through our smartphone app, including the heat pump, floor heating, radiators and other electrical equipment. Essential to this type of product is that the solution is robust and does not cause the product owner a lot of grievances because of dissatisfied customers and support calls. We have been doing this for 15 years, so it is in our backbone to make durable and low-maintenance solutions. The Danfoss solution is sold through Thermia dealers internationally and through Sikom Connect in Norway.

SMS control of Bosch heat pumps

We supply the GSM solution which enables SMS control for the Bosch air-to-air heat pumps. With simple SMS commands, the user can easily control all features of the heat pump.

The solution is sold through Bosch dealers.​


Plug-in control unit for Dimplex radiators

With this wireless control plug you can remotely control Dimplex’ most popular radiator models Unique, Classic and Topaz.

Combined with a simple GSM control unit, these units can give you full control of all heating sources in your home or cabin. Use the Sikom Connect smartphone app to turn on the heating before you arrive at the cabin, or set a week program that keeps you nice and warm in the when you’re at home and saves energy when you’re asleep and at work.

Remote controlling Wallas kerosene stoves

We enable remote controlling for Finnish Wallas Marine Oy kerosene stoves from Finland with a custom GSM module. In this way, even cabins without electricity can be heated before you arrive.

The solution is sold through Wallas dealers.