Eco Dimmer EP 24V

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Eco Dimmer EP is designed for dimming of 24V LED lighting. LED light gives you the opportunity to be creative when lighting a room, and with our new LED dimmer, the control of the light is easy to play!

The dimmer is simple and intuitive to operate, and with modern epic technology, the display is comfortable to look at, avoiding a disturbing element in the room.

The current light level can always be read on the dimmer and you dim the light up and down by pressing the (+) and (-) key on the dimmer. In addition, you can switch between 4 preset light levels.

Because different LED lights often illuminate with different strengths, you can insert the light source’s profile into the dimmer so that you get a steady and natural dimming of the light.

With the Sikom Living app, you can easily control each dimmer or multiple groups of dimmers.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 57 mm
Power supply


Frame type


Radio frequency


Radio range

Up to 100m outdoor, 30m indoors depending on building structure.

Operating temperature

0°C til +50°C