The control page contains a list of all your devices and groups. This page has many similarities to the home page in that you can view the status of your system and control devices. From this page however, you can create groups of devices or pair new devices to your system.

Control Button

The control button does the same as pressing a tile on the home page, i.e change the state of the device. If e.g. an on/off-device is turned on, the button is green. In the opposite case, it will be grey.

Device Settings

If you want to do anything else than controlling your device, you can click anywhere on the row of a device to access advanced settings for this device. (See Device Settings in the User Manual menu).

Button Information

Some buttons contain additional information. E.g. if the device is in thermostat mode, you see the user set temperature below the button. The icon and color also help indicate which state the device is in.

Temperature Information

Devices able to read the temperature will display this on the right side of the device row. This is the measured temperature, and not the set temperature.

Add Button

The add button in the top right corner lets you create groups or pair new devices to your system.

Edit Button

The edit button lets you rearrange the device order in the list. After this button is clicked, devices can be moved up and down by using the selector on the right side.

Keep in mind that devices can not be moved out of a group. To move a device from one group to another, you need to click the group, remove the device from the group, click another group, add the device to this group.