Device Settings

The device settings page is where you access the advanced features of your device. This page will look different depending on what kind of device you have accessed. The device settings page can either be reached by long pressing a tile on the home page, or by clicking a row on the control page.

Making Changes

Depending on what kind of device you have selected, different options will appear. If e.g. the device supports thermostat mode, you can set the desired eco and comfort temperatures, and after the changes are saved, the system will operate your device based on these values.

Saving Changes

When you make a change on this page, nothing will happen until you press the save button. When you press the save button, all changes are queued up and sent to your devices. Keep in mind that this can take several seconds depending on how many changes you have made.

Canceling Changes

If you do not want to save your changes, you can press the cancel button in the top left corner.