Week Program

All groups have a built-in feature called Week Program. Once you have created a group and added controllable devices to your group, you can enable the week program, which will change the state of your device at certain times. This way you can save energy during the night and keep it comfy during the day without having to manually control the system.

Making Changes

Firstly, select the day you want to make changes for on the left side. You then drag your finger vertically to select which hours of the day you want your group to be turned on and off. The group will be turned on if the green column is selected for a given hour, and off in the opposite case.

Keep in mind that if you have any thermostat devices in this group, the thermostat will change between eco and comfort, i.e. it will not be turned completely on or off.

Saving Changes

When you make a change on this page, nothing will happen until you press the save button. When you press the save button, all changes are queued up and sent to your gateway (where the week program for your group is stored). Keep in mind that this can take several seconds depending on how many changes you have made.

Canceling Changes

If you do not want to save your changes, you can press the cancel button in the top left corner.