Underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating with electric heating cables or heating foil has many advantages as a heat source. A warm floor is a large heat source with low temperature and even heat distribution. This provides a good and comfortable indoor environment. Electric floor heating is invisible and occupies no wall space. The heat is distributed evenly in the room and provides a comfort that needs to be experienced. 

Sikom Eco Thermostat EP

Eco Thermostat EP is perfect for controlling and adjusting the electrical underfloor heating in your home. With its large display it is easy to see the settings.

In the Sikom Living app, we have given you full control of all settings on the thermostat so you can easily set it up at your own discretion.

The weekly program has added the app to make it easier to set up and the temperature is automatically adjusted up and down compared to when at home or away.

Eco Thermostat EP is compatible with the following gateways: